About Our Local Club

Key committees and services of our club are aimed at our priority: children. We “serve the children of the world.”

Weekly Meetings

We meet Tuesdays of every week at 7:00am. The meetings are at First Christian Church in Sterling. The order of meetings is:

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Prayer
  • Introduction of visitors
  • Business
  • 50/50 drawing - This is an optional fundraiser in which the club keeps 50%. You buy a ticket for $1. If your ticket is drawn, you get to draw a card from the deck. When someone pulls the Ace of Spades they get the pot.
  • Happy Dollars - Time during the meeting to share anything that made you happy over the past week. The cost per person is a minimum of $1. Examples include engagements or new babies, if your name or picture is in the newspaper, or just thanks for new members or the program. Money for Happy Dollars is collected by volunteers we call judges. They assist at every meeting with collection of the Happy Dollars. They shame anyone who had their name in the paper the previous week to “pay up."
  • Program - Each meeting will have a program of about 20-30 minutes’ duration. The programs are informational and usually of a local nature. We alphabetically rotate responsibility for programs.
  • Kiwanis Pledge - Said at the closing of each meeting: “As our country’s flag signifies purity, valor and justice, may we as true Kiwanians exemplify these virtues as we serve the children of the world.”
Sometimes we sing! We are pretty horrible! A favorite filler song is “When Kiwanis Calls,” and you just have to experience it to understand.

Dues & Recruitment

Membership dues are $125 per year. Dues are due October 1st and are prorated if you join after.

First held in 2016, Recruitment Night is a light dinner in the Sterling High School Commons area. We invite potential members and especially those with children in Key Club. There is a short program about what Kiwanis is and what we do. All members are encouraged to invite one potential new member. We hope to continue this event in future years.

Additional Meetings

Board Meetings: Held the first Tuesday of each month via Zoom at 7:00pm Attended by Board Members, which include officers, past president, and nine board members with three-year terms on a rotating basis. We discuss fiscal and bylaws issues, allocate funds, and other duties as appropriate.

Division 13 Meetings: Held Bi-Monthly, consists of area clubs in our division. Those include the following: Byron, Rochelle, Rochelle Golden K, Dixon, Morrison, Mt. Morris, Dixon Golden K, Oregon and Sterling. There used to be 13 clubs in Division 13. Anyone can attend Division Meetings—usually only officers do.

Inter-club: Friendly ventures to other clubs in surrounding areas. Need four members to go once a month.

Conventions—International and Division: Normal conventions, multi-day events giving information about Kiwanis projects, fundraising, structure and governance. Officers and others usually attend. Anyone can but most do not.


We provide several $500 Sterling Kiwanis Scholarships to graduating area seniors. We attempt to give one to each of the three local high schools: SHS, Rock Falls High and Newman. If funds allow, may give more than three each year.

We provide two $500 trade scholarships to Sauk students.

We provide the Diane Carver scholarship to a Newman student.

Recipients submit application and essay plus GPA and letters of recommendation. Committee for scholarship selection will choose recipients. K-Club members get priority.


Published every other month and distributed via e-mail to all members. Has highlights of meetings and programs for the month, birthdays, anniversaries, member news, tidbits of information, list of upcoming meetings and programs, and lots of pictures of events. A great recruitment tool. A great publication! Read recent newsletters online by clicking here.

Public Relations

We try to publicize our events and services. Pictures are submitted to the paper. When we are having a fundraiser, we attempt to get publicity pre-event. We show members awarding the scholarships whenever possible to get more name recognition.